DSS – THE DANCE GURUKOOL is a revolutionary institute for anyone who wants to introduce dance into their life for any reason. Since its inception in November 2003 by its founder and master trainer Nakul Ghanekar DSS has successfully trained over 5000 students and has expanded to four fully furnished studios across Mumbai and beyond.

Different Strokes is a state of the art dance Gurukool that teaches Salsa, Kathak, Hiphop, Bollywood, Jazz & Contemporary, Rueda Salsa, Contemporary, Bachata, Western freestyle, Belly dancing in their purest forms.

DSS has been a part of various events and shows which are a varied combination of the Indian and the Western elements of dance with a variety like Classical, Folk-Lavani, Fusion, Belly Dance, Bollywood, Salsa, Contemporary, Bachata, Hip hop on both Indian as well as Western tracks.

Over the last decade, DSS has become a hub of activities and a way of life for its students of all age groups from 6 to 65 years. The repertoire of students at DSS ranges from IT professionals to Doctors, Engineers, CAs, Housewives, and school/college students.

DSS is also the first school to introduce the concept of Salsa Nights called DSS BLITZ – THE SALSA PARTY for the first time in Thane. Started since May 2008, DSS Salsa Nights have since been the longest running one-of-its-kind night without a break. DSS is proud to be the only Dance School in the country to have accomplished this landmark.

Workshops conducted at DSS Salsa Nites are one of the major attractions for all students. Most of our students continue with our dance training sessions, Salsa nights, performances, and meetings as a part of their recreational and stress busting activities.

We at DSS firmly believe….LIFE IS A DANCE…TAKE YOUR STEPS….!

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